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To Pam and all the wonderfull ladies at Sunshine,

            We cannot thank you enough for the way that you all cared for dad as if he was your own relative. He was very fond of you all and you

helped to make his last days as happy and comfortable as they could be.

            You gave us all great peace of mind to know that he was so well looked after.     With love and thanks    P,  C,  and the Family       Wisbech.



To Pam and Girls

              Just to say "THANKS" for all your patience, dedication and Humour you all brought through the final years of both Mum and Dads lives

I dont know how we would have coped without it !!!!!        Forever Gratefull.   J  +   A   xxx             Wisbech.


Written especially for Pam & all concerned

I believe in giving praise    -   Where praise in fact is due  -  And after 3 yrs care by "Sunshine"  -  My praise I will renew.

Every morning without fail  -  A friendly face turns up  -  To keep us clean and do the chores  -  Whilst cups of tea we sup.

Our lives are so much brighter  -  Knowing folk who really care  -  I,m allowed to state my needs  -  Whilst sitting in my chair.!

So once again my pen I,ll use  -  To thank you one and all  -  so glad we are so privileged  -  to have your daily call !!

        With Love & Thanks  from two "Old Trouts"    M & N. C.  xx